For those wondering where Yuru-tans been and why she deleted EVERYFUCKINGTHING, shes a female pro-wrestler now… intent on using her new platform to respark the gyaru boom. Ladies and gents, the Sifow of this generation. Yurutan, now known as Kotabuki Yuri.


wait that is actually the coolest thing ever

just gonna disappear for a while only to return as a trendy pro wrestler

just gonna flip some girls and break some necks all while wearing alba rosa hot pants

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Puddings of my dreams *_*

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The Little mermaid (사진: 18장)
Reservatiom Started

the Little Mermaid 
Price : 240 usd 

You cansee more details in : http://haenulishop.livejournal.com/13030.html
Preorder in : http://haenuli.storenvy.com/

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The design of these peignoirs were inspired by the ones sold at Fairytale Boutique https://www.fairytale-boutique.com/ 

Get your peignoir today <3

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you fucking salmon

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Angelic Pretty — Crystal Dream Carnival JSK

ughhhhsaghdahfh it’s amazing



Someone threw a bottle of omega 3 pills at me today. Luckily my injuries were only super fish oil

i hate you

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Illustration that I made for the event: "Lolita Weekend con Misako Aoki"
Visit: http://www.mylolitastyle.com/

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So remember those zipper bags I ordered where the foxes were cut off???

Well, I will be getting them redone, but that still means I have a bunch of bags I can’t really sell for full price. I don’t know how well that’s going to go, so I figure I can do a giveaway to get rid of some of them! So here’s the deal, I have six bags I will send out to six of you guys, free of charge. That’s three ‘can you not’ designs and three ‘nope’ designs.

To enter the giveaway, just reblog this post anytime between now and Monday, June 23rd. Likes do not count, and no, you don’t have to be following me. I will ship internationally, but I may whine about the cost later. (Don’t worry, I promise to follow through despite my whines.) I will then pick six winners at random, and they’ll get their choice of the two designs, first come, first serve style. I’ll be contacting the winners via askbox, so make sure to have them open. If I do not hear back from a winner in 48 hours, I will pick the next person.

I believe that covers it. Happy giveaway, you guys! 

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Because yeah, Haruka and Michiru are pigeons at the park

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I thought I could be strong, but the sailor moon team is clearly stepping up their game. Take all my money! #sailormoon #reboot


I thought I could be strong, but the sailor moon team is clearly stepping up their game. Take all my money! #sailormoon #reboot

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